Counselling & Psychotherapy In Teddington with Sandra Spenceley

Counselling and Psychotherapy

For individual counselling or psychotherapy you may be clear what you want - short term or open ended. However, you may not be so clear. To help you decide, typically people who want to talk about a present day problem, and learn some coping strategies, may benefit from Short-term counselling (up to 6 weeks).

Any unresolved relational trauma or other trauma in your past may need to be addressed in specialist or open ended therapy. Sometimes it is hard to know if you have trauma in your background. Have a look at the ACES project to see what you think Adverse Childhood Experiences Study. As you read this information keep in mind that you have probably built strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Humans are very clever and creative in developing helpful strategies at the time. The problem is that the strategies don't always last a life time.

Open ended psychotherapy (6 weeks +) may be beneficial to you if you wish to explore a deeper level of understanding and how aspects of the past may be restricting your life in the present. Aiming to facilitate change at a deep level, psychotherapy may help you develop a more sustainable sense of yourself and add more meaning to life.

In both counselling and psychotherapy the supportive therapeutic relationship helps you to:

  • think more clearly about problems,
  • learn to trust and use emotions more effectively; and
  • identify personal resources as support

Working Together and Fees

My assessment fee is £25.00. From January 2019, my standard fee for Face to Face counselling is £60.00 per session. The standard fee for all other options, internet, telephone and outdoor, is £50.00 per session. I also offer concessions and during the assessment session we can discuss fees further. Please do not let fees get in the way of contacting me.

When we agree to work together, we will identify a regular day and time for your weekly 50 minute sessions. These include day and evenings . Specific arrangements can be made for people who work shifts. Together we will identify and work towards what you hope to achieve by coming to counselling or therapy.


Once we have agreed the time for your weekly sessions, these appointments will not be available to any other clients and it is for this reason that client cancellations are charged. Before applying the cancellation fee we can look to see if there is an alternative day and time for your session during the same week.

Sessions cancelled by me due to holidays or sickness will not be charged.

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